Removing the Band-aid

by | Jan 29, 2014

If you’ve ever removed a band-aid, you know the trick — do it quick.  A long drawn out attempt to peal it away will only leave the patient yelping in pain.  You do him or her no favors by taking longer than is necessary.

The same principle applies in law.  Sometimes a client will come to me with a case that, for lack of a better term, stinks.  While he may feel that the judge made an unfair decision, or that his trial attorney didn’t do a decent job, there may be no legal error which can provide grounds for reversal.  And when a case stinks, it’s always better to pull the plug quickly rather than wasting legal effort — and client money — on something that will never provide any real relief.

As a result, representation by an experienced appellate attorney rather than an attorney without that experience can save the client significant legal fees.  The inexperienced attorney may spin his wheels making sure that the case is a dud.  The experienced attorney doesn’t need nearly as much time to identify the fatal flaws and end the representation.

You may be surprised that the best thing your attorney can tell you is “I can’t help you.”  Learn to appreciate the attorney who can tell you this before the legal bills pile up.

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