Affordable Representation

Every client will ask, “How much will this cost?”

Every lawyer will respond, “It depends.”

This unsatisfactory response, however, need not be the end of the conversation. In your initial FREE CONSULTATION we can discuss the complexity of your appeal and provide you with a cost estimate. We feel confident that our rates are strongly competitive because of carefully controlled overhead costs.

You won’t find leather chairs and extra staff at our office, for which you are indirectly paying. Avoiding these extra costs has not prevented us from earning a solid reputation for success and client satisfaction. Learn more at Recent Successes and Client Feedback

For most cases involving individuals rather than businesses, an initial retainer of $4,000 to $6,000 is required at the start of the appeal, and another retainer of about the same amount is required at a later point. More complicated cases will require additional retainers over the course of the case, but simpler cases may be handled with just those first two retainers. At a minimum, it is worth noting that a client who is unwilling to entertain the likely possibility of $8,000 or more in legal fees for an appeal should strongly consider whether the appeal is worth pursuing.

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