North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly Interviews Mark Hayes

by | Feb 22, 2013

Lawyer’s Weekly, Feb. 22, 2013
“Youngster’s Talk With Cop Wasn’t ‘Interrogation'”

Mr. Hayes’ representation in an appeal was recently highlighted on the front page of Lawyer’s Weekly, a weekly newspaper that has covered legal news, opinions, and court decisions in North Carolina since 1988.

In the case, Mr. Hayes successfully argued that two of the three charges should have been dismissed.  The article focused on the third charge, where the Court of Appeal affirmed:

“A juvenile’s age it relevant to both the Miranda custody analysis and a Fifth Amendment voluntariness analysis,” said defense attorney Mark Hayes.

“I would have to advise kids to temper what they learned at home or school about respecting officers,” Hayes said.  “Don’t be afraid to stay silent or ask for your mom.”

The full article is available to Lawyer’s Weekly subscribers at

No inference should be drawn from the disposition of this case or any other case to which Mr. Hayes was a part about the likelihood of success in future cases.  Each case is unique.

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