Law Students To Observe As Mark Hayes Argues Before Court of Appeals

by | Feb 11, 2014

 The Law Office of Mark L. Hayes is able to represent clients from across North Carolina, from Boone to Wilmington and everywhere in between, because the N.C. Court of Appeals and N.C. Supreme Court hear all of their cases in the same place: Raleigh.  Since  I practices out of nearby Durham, I have a short commute to the courts, even if the case originates out of a far-off corner of North Carolina.

Periodically, however, the Court of Appeals will hold oral arguments at one of North Carolina’s 7 law schools.  These arguments, known as “road shows,” are for the benefit of law students, and are held in one of the mock courtrooms that law schools tend to have.

This month, I will enjoy the opportunity to argue before the Court of Appeals in Winston-Salem, as WakeForestLawSchool is hosting the arguments.  The law school is also kind enough to hold a reception afterwards so that the attorneys and judges can mingle with faculty and students.  Not only are these “road shows” fun for attorneys who will enjoy a trip to some place new, but they also give law students a glimpse into the real practice of law.

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