Winning Appeal Featured in NC Lawyers Weekly

by | Mar 27, 2024

This firm’s recent win in an appeal involving the collection of attorneys’ fees was featured in this blog HERE. Since then, NC Lawyers Weekly picked up the case for a story which can be read HERE. (Subscription required — actual article is behind a subscriber pay wall). The general page for Lawyer’s Weekly news articles can be found HERE.

The story includes the following observations about the case from Mark Hayes:

Muntjan’s email said “it is important to us to always pay our valued partners” and asked that invoices be sent directly to him.
But Muntjan was using those words broadly, said his attorney, Mark L. Hayes, who practices exclusively in appellate law in Durham.

“I think the important thing is, you look at that email, and you ask yourself, could I engineer a contract from this email? And there’s just no way you could,” Hayes said.

“The age [of the case upon which the Court relied] doesn’t bother me . . . it’s a Supreme Court case. It hasn’t been overturned or anything. I mean, it’s good law,” Hayes said. “I handle a lot of appeals, and periodically, I dip back into the mid-1800s. It happens sometimes.”

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