A Lawyer’s Lawyer

by | Dec 9, 2023

There is perhaps no greater show of respect for a lawyer than to be asked by another lawyer to come on a case. I find this to be particularly true when a lawyer who has handled a case at the trial level, perhaps for many years, asks me to come on for the appeal. Sometimes I’m referred the case in its entirety, but often the trial attorney will want to stay involved in some way. That involvement may only include answering my questions and continuing to handle trial level proceedings if those occur while the appeal is pending, or it may involve working together on larger strategic questions.

In either event, the fact that the lawyer has reached out tells me two things. First, they appreciate that no matter how well versed they may be in that particular field of law, they appreciate the value of an appellate lawyer like myself who exclusively handles appeals. The unique procedures, court system, and persuasive techniques can be daunting for someone who only practices in District or Superior Court. Second, their willingness to reach out lets me know that they appreciate the reputation for trustworthiness that I have earned in the legal community. They have faith that I will do my part for the appeal but will not “poach” the case if it reenters the trial courts after the appeal has concluded.

Most readers of this blog are non-lawyer clients looking for a new attorney to handle their appeal, but I know from experience that many attorneys throughout the state have found me using this website. If you are such an attorney, please feel to reach out to discuss how I can help you secure appellate representation for your clients.

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